District: 2 Clover is arrogant, strong, and can use many weapons, especially knives, and she is known to never miss her target. She makes the first kill of the 74th Hunger Games by knifing the boy from district 9 in the back while he is fighting with Katniss over a backpack. Her next target is Katniss but her knife is blocked by Katniss's newly acquired backpack when she raises it over her head. She has a special hatred of Katniss because of her high training score. Katniss attempts to kill her with the tracker jacker nest. Like Cato, she enjoys killing, as evidenced when she pins Katniss to the ground at the Feast and plans to give her the most torturous death possible. Before she can continue to cut Katniss, Thresh catches her and kills with a rock, which kills her. In the film, Isabelle Fuhrman Iportrays Clove.



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